Two Days: Two Different Paths

Two Days

If you have a bit of time to decide, this could be a useful exercise to try. 

You will need: Two full days, and an open mind. 

Day ONE: Focus on being 100% behind the decision to parent and have the baby. Imagine fully what this will be like, feel into your body as a pregnant person, and feel into your life as a pregnant person, and future mother. 

Day TWO: Spend a day focused 100% on the choice to have an abortion. What will your life look like? What your life will be like without a baby and parenthood at this time, in this configuration? 

Choose which day you prefer to have first, and then follow the second day with the other experience. 

Write down what you notice for each day. The most important thing in this decision is that once you make it, you align 100% with that reality and that decision. Regret and uncertainty are truly part of the reproductive experience, but through your own healing and certainty, it is important to continue strongly in your choice once you have made it. 

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