Why Self-Guided Abortion?

The most commonly accessible form of abortion over the next few decades will be medical abortion, or abortion with pills. 

Through years of work counseling people through abortions, coupled with my own experience of abortion with pills, I know that the experience is as individual as it is collective. Abortion can be messy. The physical aspects as well as the emotional, this process is difficult but can be conducted in a container of love. 

Self-Guided Abortion is the support I wish I had during my own abortion. I continue to work on it, to add little pieces in that may help another in their healing. The process of healing’s one abortion isn’t always straightforward, and complex emotions can hit us years later. 

When I conducted my own abortion as ceremony, I was able to work out all of my own complicated emotions in real time–during my abortion, which has provided for a more full integration of the experience afterwards. 

I hope some of the words written may help you find some peace, or will cascade your thoughts in to new realizations of your own experience. 

Self-Guided Abortion supports people before, during, and after abortion with pills

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