Abortion Pill (Medication Abortion) FAQ

*Please note time frame of when you can take the abortion pill varies from state to state 

Abortion Pill Cost

The cost of the abortion pill varies by clinic. It can cost as much as $750 but often costs less.

Abortion Pill Process

The abortion pill is very safe. When taken at the recommended early stage of pregnancy, complications are rare. At most, the vast majority of people who take the pill experience only minor side effects.

Within the first 77 days of your pregnancy, you will take the first of the two abortion pills at the office. The first pill is called mifepristone which will stop the pregnancy from growing by blocking your body’s progesterone. The second pill, which you can take at home 24-48 hours after the first pill, is called misoprostol. The pill will then induce cramping and bleeding as well as dilation of your cervix, which will empty your uterus.

The first pill, which you will receive at your first doctor’s visit, can be swallowed with water. You’ll receive the second pill at your second doctor’s visit within 48 hours of taking the first pill. The second pill can be taken by either inserting it in your vagina, or by putting it in your mouth and holding it in your cheek for 30 minutes before swallowing it with water. The second pill can be taken at the doctor’s office or at home.

Yes you will. Your doctor will discuss with you the exact timing, as it can vary person to person, but you will need a follow-up exam to ensure the pregnancy has been terminated. This can involve a pregnancy test, an ultrasound, or both.

Your pregnancy isn’t counted from the date of conception, but from the date of your most recent normal menstrual period. You should always have a medical professional determine the accurate length of your pregnancy before deciding to take the abortion pill.

Abortion Pill Effects

It is generally tolerable for most patients, but people experience things differently. Some patients have described it as like experiencing moderate to severe menstrual cramps.

Yes you can. The abortion pill doesn’t affect your ability to get pregnant later in life.

Most people don’t see an increase in acne. However, the abortion pill does affect your hormone levels which everyone responds differently to.

There is a chance, as about 1 in 10 patients throw up from nausea.

The abortion pill does not affect your body weight.

After The Abortion Pill

Nausea is generally gone by the third day after the abortion pill, with the majority of symptoms going away within a day.

It’s not common to need an aspiration procedure after taking the abortion pill. For those who took the pill at 9 weeks pregnant, only 3 in 100 needed the procedure. For those who took the pill at 9-10 weeks pregnant, only 7 in 100 needed the procedure.

If you do end up needing the aspiration procedure, it should be an easier process than it would have been without taking the abortion pill. This is because the second pill, misoprostol, which will have detached most of your uterine lining and will have dilated your cervix.

No, after taking the abortion pill there is not an increase in ectopic pregnancies, infertility, premature births, or pregnancy complications in general.

We recommend that you wait at least two days before taking a bath, as baths could cause an infection. Taking a shower will not increase infection risk, but if you are feeling lightheaded be sure to have someone else at home when you do.

We recommend waiting at least two days before you drink after a medical abortion. In terms of sex, it’s generally a good idea to wait a couple of weeks after your medical abortion to have sex. However, your doctor will advise you on your individual case. Remember to use protection, as you can get pregnant again right after a medical abortion.

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