One-On-One Support for Your Abortion

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FREE! 1 Hour One-On-One Call With Abortion Doula

A casual and supportive chat on any topic covering abortion or sexual health.

Some examples:

  • Making the choice: feeling ambivalent about “keeping the baby” or “having an abortion”? We can help distill your emotions into more clarity around your decision. 
  • Before abortion: how to set up your life to best prepare for your abortion.
  • During abortion: do you have immediate questions? Are you worried if your abortion symptoms are normal? Get in touch if you have concerns about your abortion. 
  • After abortion: do you need support healing after your abortion? We are here to support you in post-abortion emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. 
  • Contraceptive options/choices/natural fertility methods.

Any topic is welcome!

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Abortion Integration, or…Healing Your Abortion

If you would like to continue to work with me, it is possible to set up a unique container just for you. We will develop the structure together, and dive in deep into the context of your abortion, healing, and needs. 

Processes usually take between 4-8 weeks, and it is entirely up to us to define how many sessions are appropriate for you. The sessions can include topics such as:

  • Process past/current abortions
  • Move through guilt, regret, shame, and sadness around abortion
  • Create meaning in one’s own abortion and understand what role it has played in one’s life
  • Rebuilding a sexual life after abortion
  • How to manage relationship dynamics after abortion
  • Story writing / Story telling

Sessions cost between $30-$100 – sliding scale. You deserve to heal unresolved aspects surrounding your abortion. 

Schedule a call with me in order to better co-define your needs and determine how many sessions we will complete together. 

Self-Guided Abortion supports people before, during, and after at-home medication abortions.

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