Pros, Cons, Love & Fears

Pros, Cons, Love & Fears

Take a piece of paper, and put two straight lines, crossing in the middle. In the top left quadrant put pros, then cons in another, love (hopes), and fears. 

Start listing all the pros of having a baby in one, what your fears are, what the cons would be at this time, and what your hopes are for your reproductive life and future. 

Once you are finished, look at everything you wrote down.

  • What do you notice?
  • What messages speak the strongest?
  • Are you trying to “talk yourself into” any one choice?
  • When you look at the pros and the hopes, are they in stark contrast or harmony with your fears and your cons? 
  • How many factors are in each quadrant?
  • Are there more pros or cons?
  • Are there more hopes or fears?
  • Which factors mean the most to you?

This exercise can help you pair down numerically exactly how you are feeling, and make your choice clearer if you are still undecided. Pay attention to the fears, but also to your heart. Is your choice being defined by fear or love? Try to let the love guide you, whatever the outcome.

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