Day 2-3: In Between Worlds

Day 2: In Between Worlds

After you take the mifepristone pill, it’s time to wait 24-48 hours before taking the misoprostol. I have termed this the “time in between worlds”. 

You may be feeling quite normal after taking the first pill. The mifepristone is doing its work to remove the pregnancy from the wall of the uterus. Spiritually, or emotionally you may be feeling this happening too. 

It is a time “in-between worlds” in which the growth of a new life has stopped forming. The pregnancy is still there, and you are still pregnant, but a transformation has started–from life to death. 

This is an important time to speak to the pregnancy, speak to the baby and explain why it is not the right time. It is an important time of making peace with your decision and doing a good portion of the healing process. It is an opportunity, a dead time almost, where you are suspended, with your pregnancy, almost frozen in time.

Send prayers to Creator asking that the pregnancy go easily, that the blood will come easily and be strong and red. Ask for any manifestations you want to come into your life in this transformation. What do you hope to achieve with your creator energy now that you will not be growing a baby? 

The time in between worlds is one of deep contemplation and preparation. Once you take the misoprostol pills, you will begin a small birthing. Now is your time to truly prepare for it, say goodbye to the pregnancy and move into your sacred abortion with grace and confidence. 

Try to carve out as much time as possible by yourself, or with very close companions where you can be in full contemplation. Do yoga if you feel like it, or just lay on your mat in child’s pose, or on your back. Whatever feels right. This is your time.