Preparing Your Space, Creating Your Space

Opening Your Ceremonial Container

We have already built our ceremonial altar. In the same room as your altar, you can prepare the space. Ideally, your altar is set up in a private, comfy place. Maybe your bedroom or living room. 

Start with cleansing the room. 

You can do this with sage, palo santo, incense, or the herb of your choice. If you have a fan, use it. The strong plumes of smoke are proven to clean the space of bacteria, as well as energetics lingering from days and months past. You will want to cleanse the space every day of your ceremony, or whenever you feel like the energy needs to be moved a bit. 

Start at one point in the room and move clockwise. Make sure to get into all of the cracks of a room and cover all perimeters of doors and windows. Feel free to sing, or chant as you cleanse, even say a prayer. 

Once this is done, sit down at your altar. Take out your pills. Cleanse them too and place them on the altar. 

Prayer to the Unborn

Before starting the abortion, sit in meditation and focus on all the reasons why you have come to this abortion today. Feel into the pregnancy one last time. Explain to it why now the time is not to come through you. 

You may speak out loud to the pregnancy, explaining why you have chosen abortion. Pray or speak to whatever higher power you relate to, asking for protection during this time, asking for help and support, or whatever feels intuitively right for you.

Write a Letter to the Baby

Write a letter to Goddess, or to the pregnancy, explaining why you have made your choice, and how you feel about being pregnant at this time. Explain why abortion is necessary. Write what you hope to manifest in your coming years, and any other details. This abortion is an opportunity for new things to grow and develop in the place of the baby. What will develop, perhaps, is the baby in another form?

After you have written your letter, place it on the altar as well. We will burn this letter later on, after the abortion, as we close the ceremonial container.