Prayer, Ceremony: Before Taking The Misoprostol Pills

Ceremony: Before Taking the First Pill

This ceremony can be done at any time before taking your mifepristone pill. If you plan to take the first pill in a clinic, you can do it before going to the clinic. If you have your full mifepristone + misoprostol pack at home, you can put your pack on the altar. 

Start by cleansing your space.

With sage, palo santo, sweetgrass, or incense, smudge the entire room, your altar, and yourself. Take sweet time with this.

Take extra time smudging your pills–and if you have it–take the mifepristone out of the packaging and smudge it too. (keep the misoprostol protected in the blister foil until you are ready to take them in a few days’ time). 

Light a candle and place it on the altar. 

Sit next to your altar and take some time in meditation, contemplation, or prayer. 


  • All the reasons you have chosen abortion
  • The energy in your heart and the energy in your womb and be sure that it fully aligns with your choice

Speak your Truth! 

It is powerful to speak your words out loud, asking for exactly what you want. Whether it is forgiveness, or health, or a new transition in your life, everything and anything is ok, as long as it comes from your heart. 

  • Send gratitude to your pregnancy, thank it for joining you at this time, and explain (if it feels right) why this isn’t possible now. 
  • Ask the Universe/ God/ whatever system you resonate with/ to support you in your abortion, to protect you, and for a healthy outcome. 

When you are ready, and the moment feels right, take your mifepristone pill. 

Remember, once you have taken the mifepristone, there is no turning back. 

Pause next to your altar, in contemplation, and close your space by blowing out your candle, and saying a simple thank you.