How To Get The Most Out Of This Guide

How To Get The Most Out Of This Guide

This course has a beginning and an end, but you do not have to use it this way. Feel free to click through the pages, reading and using whatever will serve you best in the moment. This is meant to support YOU on YOUR journey, and only you know how you will best be supported. 

If you have questions that are not included in this course, please do not hesitate to contact us HERE.

 There are several different components to this course: 

  • Physical: This course will teach you how to safely use your abortion pills, what danger signs to watch out for in your body, and how to carefully plan for the passing of your pregnancy.
  • Spiritual/ Emotional: This course will offer guided meditations, yoga, activities, and ceremonies to spiritually move the pregnancy and baby spirit to the next realm and allow for your full healing.

We will invite you to perform a ritual 3 times:

  1. Before your abortion: getting clear with your decision, making peace with the pregnancy, releasing guilt, preparing your body and spirit for what is about to take place.
  2. During the abortion: releasing the contents of the uterus, releasing blood, gratitude to the pregnancy, movement, and support to release physical and spiritual discomfort.
  3. After the abortion: releasing the experience, renewal, and rebirth.

Share YOUR Story and Read the Experiences of Others:

You will be invited to share your self-guided abortion journey through this course, and your experience will be shared in the forum to help support other women going through the process. To wonder, “IS THIS NORMAL”? is very normal indeed. To be able to understand other women’s experiences at similar gestations to your own helps to move through this process with more confidence. You are invited to join your own voice to our SGA sisterhood on these pages. 

Please download the Abortion Bedside Guide, if you didn’t in the last section 🙂  You will be noting down the times you took medications, the type, and duration of bleeding you experience, and many more details of your abortion process. At the end of the abortion process, you can decide if you would like to add these details anonymously to the SGA forum, or if you prefer to keep them private. Regardless of if you share your story, or not, knowing these details during your abortion can help you have a safer abortion, and know how best to proceed if you need medical attention or another dose of abortion pills.

How to Use the Spiritual Themes in this Course

Take with you what resonates, and feel free to discard the rest. The way you experience your sacred abortion is personal, and this SGA offering is simply a guide. 

You may participate in the ceremonies and exercises to the level of your comfort. You can skip around and complete parts as you wish, or not at all. SGA is here for you to support you in YOUR path. But remember, it is YOUR path. The invitation is to architect your own sacred abortion; however, you see fit. 

I invite you to consider…

  • How will your own religion or spiritual beliefs play into your feelings about your abortion?
  • Has this shifted and changed over the years? Or stayed the same? 
  • How did 12-14 year old you, just getting her period feel about pregnancy and abortion? How does the adult feel? 
  • How can your own religious beliefs best be served through prayer, ceremony, ritual, or other sacred space during this time? 
  • What will best support YOU?