The SGA Abortion Archive: Share Your Abortion Timeline

The SGA Abortion Archive: Share Your Abortion Timeline

The Self-Guided Abortion Collective: Share your abortion

The Self-Guided Abortion Collective is a story-sharing archive where you can find other people’s experiences with pills. You can search for abortions similar to yours or browse others’ experiences to help guide your way. 

You can view the SGA Collective story-sharing archive HERE.

Click on the version that corresponds with the method of abortion you are using. For example, if you are using mifepristone + misoprostol, work with that timeline. 

You can, for example: 

  • See the outcomes of different gestations. Self-managed abortion looks different at 5 weeks than it does at 12 weeks. Knowing how these outcomes differ can help you gauge what is normal. 
  • Know when other women decided to get medical attention. It is entirely normal for the blood to start and stop over a period of one month after taking misoprostol. However, there is a fine line between a failed abortion and the uterus’ natural process of cleaning itself. If your body cannot remove some of the products of the pregnancy on its own, it is necessary to seek medical attention.
  • Understand the reasons and the personal story of how each woman came to her Sacred Abortion.
  • See pictures of other people’s abortion altar, as well as authentic pictures of their bleeding, and of the fetus itself after the procedure.

This may seem graphic now, but during your own abortion, it could be particularly useful. Through our collective stories and experience, we all gain power. To know that you are on the right track, or that you may need help, is the key to safe, self-guided abortion. 

Everyone’s abortion is quite different in the sense that we all come to the space of Sacred abortion for many reasons, and everyone’s body functions slightly differently.

Our abortions are also similar, and we can move through the process empowered with knowledge and support from this visible sisterhood. In a collective we are strong, and it takes our experiences from the bedroom and into the light. 

It is important that the Collective is anonymous.

  • Please do not use your real name or any other identifying factors. 
  • Do not take photos of your face or any other identifying markers of your country or location.
  • Keep the focus mainly on the abortion process.
  • When you share personal details about your choice, be careful not to use anyone’s real name, and be careful of any other identifying details.

Your privacy is important to us. Only other users of this course will be able to see the entries, and careful attention is kept making sure that everyone who has bought this course is here for pure reasons.