At Home Abortion Nairobi, Kenya

At Home Abortion In Nairobi, Kenya

For over 20 years, there has been a safe and effective way to have an at home abortion in Nairobi, Kenya. This is the medical abortion, or abortion pill. Rather than having a surgical abortion at a medical facility, you can take two rounds of pills that will end your pregnancy.

At home abortions are safe

There is plenty of misinformation about abortions on the internet from people who want to scare women out of having them. The fact is that at home abortions in Nairobi, Kenya using the abortion pill are very safe. Only about 1% to 3% of women who take the abortion pill have complications, which is a low rate compared to many medical procedures.

At home abortions work

Another bit of misinformation that you may see about the abortion pill is that it doesn’t work very well. This is also wrong. At home abortions in Nairobi, Kenya using the abortion pill are incredibly effective. When taken in the 8th week of pregnancy, medical abortions are 94-98% effective. The effectiveness decreases slightly as time goes on, but even up to the 11th week of pregnancy the abortion pill is still over 90% effective.

Guidance for your at home abortion in Nairobi, Kenya

Since taking the abortion pill is a medical procedure, it’s smart to have someone who has training or experience to help you so that you know you’re doing it right. Self Guided Abortion offers the full range of support that you need to have an effective and safe at home abortion. I have personal and professional experience with the abortion pill. I can make sure that you have all the information you need from the initial phase of deciding on the abortion, to taking the pill in the correct way, through to processing the emotions of your abortion after it’s done.

Self Guided Abortion offers you the support you need to have the safest and most healthy possible experience you can while having an at home abortion in Nairobi, Kenya. We’ll work together to make sure you’re prepared for what to expect, and that you can preserve your mental health throughout and after the process using meditation, yoga, and other spiritual techniques.

Self-Guided Abortion supports people before, during, and after abortion with pills.

Self-Guided Abortion supports people before, during, and after abortion with pills

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Self-Managing an Abortion with Pills?
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This site is a love letter to anyone who is planning to or has had a self-managed abortion. Written in these pages is everything I wish I would have known before my own abortion with pills. Details on what you need to plan before your abortion, how to take abortion pills, and what signs you need to watch out for in the following weeks. Remember, you can be your own best midwife, if you prepare. If you need anything else, get in touch. We’re here for you.