Abortion Pill Process Houston, TX

Abortion Pill Process In Houston, TX

Most people who are familiar with abortion tend to think of surgical abortions, but medical abortions are also a safe and effective option. Medical abortions are often referred to as the abortion pill since you take pills instead of having a surgical procedure. If you’re interested in learning more about the abortion pill process in Houston, Texas, Self Guided Abortion has the information you need

How does the abortion pill process work?

The abortion pill process in Houston, TX is a relatively simple procedure. While it’s referred to as the abortion pill, it’s actually two different medications that you will take separately.

First, you’ll set up a visit with a healthcare professional who will determine the length of your pregnancy to see if the abortion pill will be effective for you. If you are eligible for the abortion pill and decide you want to take it, you’ll sign an acknowledgment that you are committing to it and the healthcare professional will give you the first pill. This pill is called mifepristone. Mifepristone will stop your body’s production of progesterone which is the hormone that causes pregnancies to grow. You simply swallow mifepristone with water to take it.

Once you’ve taken the first pill, you’ll set up a second visit within 48 hours of your first one. At this second visit, you’ll receive the second and final pill called misoprostol. You can take this pill by either placing it in your mouth for 30 minutes before swallowing it with water or by placing it in your vagina. Misoprostol induces cramping and bleeding, which empties out your uterus. This will detach your uterine lining and end the pregnancy. People who have taken the abortion pill compare this to having moderate to heavy cramping and bleeding.

One thing that can be different about the abortion pill process in Houston, Texas than in other parts of the country is the timing. In most of America, you can take the abortion pill up to 10 weeks into your pregnancy. However, some places allow it up to 11 weeks and some places allow it up to 9 weeks.

Is the abortion pill effective and safe?

Yes, the abortion pill process in Houston, TX and across America is both highly effective and safe. When taken early enough in the pregnancy, abortion pills are over 90% effective at ending pregnancy. The exact effectiveness is affected by what week of pregnancy you take the pill, as it is slightly more effective in the 8th week of pregnancy than in the 9th, for example.

The abortion pill is incredibly safe as medical procedures go. Just as with any medical procedure, there is a chance of complications but the chance is very slim. Only 1 to 3 percent of medical abortions have complications. So, combining its safety with its effectiveness, it becomes clear that the abortion pill is a legitimate option for someone who wants to have a safe, effective abortion in the comfort of their home.

Self-Guided Abortion supports people before, during, and after abortion with pills.

Self-Guided Abortion supports people before, during, and after abortion with pills

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