Mifepristone + Misoprostol vs. Misoprostol-Alone : What’s The Difference?

Quite simply, there are two common ways to have a medical abortion: 

  • Mifepristone + misoprostol (1 tablet of 200mg mifepristone + 4 tablets of misoprostol 200mcg)
  • Misoprostol alone (often 12 or more tablets of 200mcg misoprostol) 

It is important to know that the way you take misoprostol is very different depending on the method. 

In a mifepristone + misoprostol abortion, the mifepristone is taken first. After 24-48 hours, the misoprostol can be taken vaginally, sublingually, or buccally. 

In a misoprostol alone abortion, 4 pills of misoprostol are taken vaginally, sublingually, or buccally. The process should be repeated then every 3 hours, or until the contents of the uterus have been mainly expulsed. 

For the rest of this course, it is important to make sure you are in the tab and section that reflects the method of abortion you are using. I have tried to keep these sections as separate as possible to avoid confusion.