Abortion Counselor Nairobi, Kenya

Abortion Counselor In Nairobi, Kenya

Even if you’re 100% sure that having an abortion is the right choice for you, it can still be an emotional and stressful procedure. Abortion is a polarizing topic in America, and there are many women who don’t have a support system they can rely on. This could be due to not having a person who you can talk to about such personal issues, or it could be that the person you would go to for support in a different situation is anti-abortion. If you need an abortion counselor in Nairobi, Kenya, then Self Guided Abortion wants to help you.

A safe source of abortion support

There are plenty of strong emotions that can come up before, during, and after an abortion procedure. It’s important to have someone to talk to about what you’re feeling. Having a qualified abortion counselor in Nairobi, Kenya who you can work through your emotions with makes the healing process happen more quickly and more completely. Feelings don’t just go away, especially strong ones. You need to process them by speaking about them to understand where they’re coming from and why.

Why have an abortion counselor in Nairobi, Kenya?

It’s nice to have a friend or loved one you can speak to about your feelings and personal life. When it comes to abortion, it can also be helpful to speak with someone who has the experience needed to answer your questions and relate to what you’re going through. I’m not only qualified as an abortion counselor in Nairobi, Kenya, I also have experience with abortion pills myself. So, I have the knowledge of the procedure to guide you through your medical abortion safely and I have the personal experience to understand what you are going through.

I’ve found that an effective way to deal with the emotions surrounding abortion is to add a holistic approach to the medical approach. I can guide you through how to use the abortion pills correctly, and then I can use my knowledge of yoga, meditation, and healing rituals to help you keep your mental health in order. Abortion counseling in Nairobi, Kenya can prepare you to know what to expect during and after your abortion, it can answer any questions you have throughout the process, and it can help you heal your mind as well as your body afterward.

Self-Guided Abortion supports people before, during, and after abortion with pills.

Self-Guided Abortion supports people before, during, and after abortion with pills

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Self-Managing an Abortion with Pills?
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This site is a love letter to anyone who is planning to or has had a self-managed abortion. Written in these pages is everything I wish I would have known before my own abortion with pills. Details on what you need to plan before your abortion, how to take abortion pills, and what signs you need to watch out for in the following weeks. Remember, you can be your own best midwife, if you prepare. If you need anything else, get in touch. We’re here for you.