Share Your Abortion Timeline to the Abortion Archive

You are invited to share your own story of how you experienced your abortion with pills. 

Our individual stories become an ocean of collective truths when shared amongst us. There are many story-sharing projects currently to share the details of their abortions — but these stories are mainly emotional. 

The stories of the actual abortion, how intensely we bled, the details of how we took out pills and the outcomes largely stay behind closed doors. 

The archive is an opportunity to read other people’s experiences. You can read the experience of others who had an abortion at the same gestation as you, someone who had fetal retention and needed surgical intervention, and any other point of your interest. We have the opportunity to learn from each other and know if what we are experiencing is normal — or not. 

Please use your Abortion Timeline to add your story to our Self-Guided Abortion Collective. 

Together we are safer, we are stronger, and we are empowered to conduct our abortions on our own with pills. 

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Self-Guided Abortion supports people before, during, and after at-home medication abortions.

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